Don't Eat Raw Taro Leaves

As you cook your favourite recipes, you may use many exciting and exotic ingredients. Some vegetables that you may cook, you may be curious about what they taste like by themselves, maybe raw. Sometimes, as you prepare your favourite recipe, you may nibble on raw vegetables. Why not? Raw veggies are a great snack.

Not so, for raw taro.

Don't eat raw taro, and especially don't let kids nibble on raw taro leaves. See WikiPedia: Taro, or "Cooking", for more information. You may, alternatively, read my real life tale in Nitecruzr's Better Health And Living: Taro - Toxic When Raw.

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Anonymous said...

Where's the FULL story, Chuck? The one about you being kept awake until the wee, small hours of the morning? AND kept me laughing for hours?


Nitecruzr said...

The FULL story, Grumps, goes in another blog, when I have a few spare hours and when I can publish and republish without having to clear cache or move to another computer.