Red Eye Gravy (Easy Version)

After an evening of St Patricks dinner, there's corned beef fat, to be had. And always leftover coffee.
  • Corned beef fat.
  • Coffee.

  1. Heat a chunk of fat in a pan - maybe a minute or two in the microwave, until it turns to liquid (aka grease).
  2. Add coffee to taste.
  3. Some recipes call for added salt, pepper, and / or sugar, when you use bacon or ham. With corned beef, that's your choice. I didn't add anything.
  4. Simmer a few seconds.
  5. Pour over grits.
  6. Yer done. Grits are healthy. Red eye gravy ain't healthy. If y'all want healthy, try black eye gravy.

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xgharibyan said...

hehey, funny :)
Every day we did so:)